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—— Liancheng's unique cross-industry, multi-customer, multi-variety and customized business model provides a large number of quality products and one-stop services for many Fortune 500 and industry leaders. Products are widely used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, engineering / agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, commercial air conditioning, medical equipment, environmental equipment, high-speed rail and solar energy industries and fields.

Quality Products


泵体、阀、马达 找田芳
Hydraulic Part

CAB赛车 白羊
北极星 楚孔超
久保田 RTV车 王圆圆
BRP 庞巴迪 李振文
哈雷车 楚孔超
Sports & Recreational Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle

重汽的横梁、支架、转向机、方向机 黄超
徐州美池 刹车 刘宗庆
乘 用 车
花键轴  水泵客体 找王圆圆
麦格纳 1106、9106、9028等 沙锐
TSM公司的 支架
Passenger Vehicle

Agricultural Machinery

增加车桥的图片 放艾科的 复杂的零件
卡拉罗 斗山  找黄超和沙锐
Construction Machinery

Environmental Water Treatment & New Energy



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