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—— We not only pursue profit

improvement, but also actively undertake social responsibility. Product

quality, social environment, and

employee health, one must not be



Social responsibility - not only product quality, we care about the environment and health!
For a long time, as a basic processing and manufacturing enterprise, we not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also pay attention to the possible damage caused by production to the environment and the harm caused by energy consumption. Environmental requirements, the combination of energy awareness and economic concepts and actions are enormous challenges we face every day. In order to undertake corporate social responsibility and pursue sustainable development capabilities.

We have passed a series of system certifications and have developed a series of management methods and implementation plans to achieve reliable assurance and implementation of environmental and energy management. We continually optimize our daily production capacity, improve energy efficiency, prevent problems and solve problems.
Liancheng Company not only pursues profit improvement, but also actively assumes social responsibility. Product quality, environment, energy and employee health can not be less!
Management system certifications
The waste chip liquid sewage treatment station treats the waste chip liquid generated by machining after the harmless treatment such as electro-oxidation and biochemical oxidation, and then discharges it to the urban sewage pipe network.
The on-line detection facility for the foundry
flue gas is monitored at all times to ensure that the flue gas emissions meet the requirements.
Management system certifications
ISO14001: 2015
OHSAS 18001:2007
High-tech is our
cooperating with the
university's production, education and research, and accumulating the
internal strength of
future development.
The state-level green
factory is our
commitment to the
society, and it is our
expectation for the
future; the 4A-level
labor relations
harmonious enterprise
is our respect for the
employees; the glory is
among the top 100
enterprises in China's
foundry industry!



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