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In 1995, Mr. Guo Yuanqiang established Liancheng Company in Qilipu Village, Yanzhou City, Shandong Province. The company experienced the whole process of China's manufacturing industry from low-end to vigorous development and became a part of the rise of China's manufacturing industry.

Liancheng —— Established in 1995 and IPO in 2017



Company was established in Yanzhou,
start to product die-cast aluminum castings.
The construction of the Liancheng Second Park was completed and the continuous cast iron
production line was put into operation.
Iron casting and machining, began to occupy half of the company's business
Established a strategic partnership with Canada's Magna.
Large tractor projects are launched,
Started to expand into the tractor vehicle market.


Joint venture with a US customer to form a joint
venture company,
From the production of castings to the beginning of machining parts.
The construction of the Liancheng Third Park
was completed and a new large continuous
casting production line was completed.
The company began casting and machining
large-size parts.
Lenovo Hongyi Company invested capital, and the company is moving towards more professional
and more standardized.
Liancheng Group Corporation was reorganized
into Liancheng Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on
December 27.



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